February 7, 2010

I have been wanting to write about the IPL deal with YouTube for quite a few days. I think it is truly a ground-breaking step. For YouTube, and definitely sets IPL’s image as an innovative organisation.

First reaction from anyone in the industry: What do IPL stand to make out of it? Could they not have made more money by selling it to Murdoch? I am not aware of the financials of the deal, but its not too difficult to imagine that both the companies would have worked it out such that they will stand to benefit as the viewership would grow. Remember, in today’s age of TV, we do not sell projected millions of viewers to advertisers or sponsors, or pay the rights fee on such basis. We pay per view. So there.

From what the information says so far, the interface would allow viewers to chose their own camera angle, play the action replay as they like, have access to instant stats, and even allow them to chat with each other. Finally TV over IP goes web2.0 and social. YouTube=1: iPlayer=0.

My only wish: This interface becomes available on my TV, or anyother DLNA supported device and does not restrict me to my laptop screen. Not too much to ask for.  Somehow, I still have not figured out how to watch TV on a laptop lying on a couch or in bed, and not roast my thighs in the process. Besides, this is something that would really make Sky and Setanta wish they move faster than they are thinking at the moment.

If I am from the old days of calculating reach and frequency and GRPs, and have always had a problem with how accurate they were, this is my heaven. Just the sheer amount of analysis that this arrangement would allow is a media planners’ dream. What cameras were more popular? Where should I maximize my on-ground signage? How many, from where, at what time? Time-shifted or live? What’s the viewership of a bumper before an on-demand replay? Video analytics on steroids. Not just that. the cnsumer engagement ideas of the next generation too. Can I do a user-gen exercise and allow users to cut their own highlights of a game and publish it online courtesy my brand?

This is ground breaking. Mark my words, we will all be doing it sooner than we think we would be. Live broadcast on YouTube started from U2Ube, it’s probably not going to stop now.

4 Responses to “IPL-YouTube”

  1. Imtiaz Says:

    Ive been dying to see sport this way. Its makes the audience excited and well….the marketers can have a ball of a time with stats on views and user engagement.

    Its a dream come true!

    ps…great post too! I just shared it on twitter as well.

  2. Asad Rehman Says:

    Thanks Imtiaz!!

  3. khizar Says:

    I have been following few live concerts on YouTube in recent months last time I think it was U2 who rocked my cubicle but this IPL deal has taken the viewership to next level…talk about my dream to edit live and a global event that might be more than just a dream 😛

    As humans we like to be in control and when it comes to cricket everyone is an expert. Bingo! YouTube and IPL got that right.

    TV over IP goes web2.0 and social…and this time east cracked it well. Recently I heard Shahrukh Khan(One of the most popular Indian) talking about his own social media project and how he plans to give additional entertainment to his viewers via his own social networking site. In an effort he goes Live on facebook(10th February) to promote his new film and interact with audience on a different level.

    YouTube=1 : iPlayer: -1
    As a global viewer I think iPlayer needs to find a way to go global and sort rights issue, I just watched latest BBC2 content Top Gear Season 14 Episode 7 on YouTube.

    Although this whole deal will increase viewership in some way or the other but I agree with you, Can I have it on my TV?

  4. Bernardo Says:

    Great post. If you want to watch Youtube on your TV, and you have a PS3 or Xbox, just aim your console’s browser to http://www.youtube.com/xl and you will be presented with a TV restyled interface.

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